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CGRS Asylum Records

The CGRS database contains information on over 9,000 asylum cases from 1996 and after at all levels of adjudication across the United States. The asylum seekers in most of these cases are women, children, or LGBT refugees. Case records may include unpublished Immigration Judge or Board of Immigration Appeals decisions, or may offer a summary of the decision provided by the applicant’s attorney. Given the absence of official reporting on asylum cases at most stages of adjudication, the information the CGRS database contains offers a unique and invaluable source of information. 

CGRS Litigation Support Materials

CGRS has produced many resources to assist attorneys representing women, children, and LGBT asylum seekers. We have country conditions reports that are continually updated and expanded, and if we do not have documentation on a particular issue, we can research and prepare a dedicated report. We also have certified expert declarations on particular countries and issues as well as practice advisories pertaining to particular issues in asylum law. To request these documents, please fill out this form.

Gender Asylum Guidelines 

UNHCR and state parties to the 1951 Refugee Convention and its protocol, including the United States, have developed guidelines and training materials for adjudicators considering claims for protection based on gender-related persecution.  CGRS has compiled and summarized these resources for attorneys and researchers, which we will attempt to update regularly.

Children's Asylum Guidelines

UNHCR, the United States, Canada, and other countries have developed guideilnes that acknowledge and respond to the unique protection needs of child asylum seekers. Caselaw also provides for a child-sensitive approach to procedural and substantive issues in children's asylum claims in line with the guidelines. CGRS has compiled these resources for attorneys and researchers, which we will attempt to update regularly.