On August 18 CGRS joined 170 of the nation’s leading immigration and advocacy organizations in releasing the 2021 Immigration Action Plan. This plan lays out a blueprint for the next administration to transform the United States’ immigration system — to not only restore human dignity to a system weaponized by the Trump administration, but to also reinforce core American values and power our country’s economic recovery.

On August 11 the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals reversed two lower court decisions denying asylum to women fleeing domestic violence, in Fuentes-Reyes v. Barr and Arellano Rodriguez v. Barr. CGRS applauds these decisions, which follow the court’s favorable ruling in a similar case, Diaz-Reynoso v. Barr, last Friday.

​​​​​​​CGRS commends the Ninth Circuit's August 7 decision in Diaz-Reynoso v. Barr, which affirms that under our laws domestic violence survivors can qualify for asylum. The ruling marks the latest in a series of recent appellate court decisions rejecting Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ attempt in Matter of A-B- to foreclose refugee protection for people fleeing domestic violence and other abuses.