​​​​​​​On Thursday Acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen issued a new ruling in Matter of A-B-, the Salvadoran asylum case that has become the battleground on the issue of whether survivors of domestic violence, gang brutality, and other abuses can qualify for refugee protection in the United States. "It is utterly shameful that, in its final days, Trump’s Department of Justice is pursuing this last-ditch attempt to rewrite our laws and abandon our country’s commitments to people fleeing persecution," CGRS Legal Director Blaine Bookey said.

Immigration justice advocates, asylum seekers, and those directly connected to the immigration process gathered on a press call to discuss rebuilding a broken asylum system under a new Biden administration. "The Biden administration now has the opportunity – and the moral obligation – to turn the page on the chaos and cruelty of the Trump era and address the urgent humanitarian needs at our nation’s doorstep," CGRS Director Karen Musalo said. "As a first step, President-Elect Biden must act swiftly to terminate dangerous policies like ‘Remain in Mexico,’ resume fair asylum processing at the border, and end the inhumane detention of people seeking refuge."

The Instituto para las Mujeres en la Migración (Institute for Women in Migration or IMUMI), Haitian Bridge Alliance (HBA) and CGRS have launched a new report centering the experiences of 30 Haitian migrant women interviewed in Tapachula, Mexico. The report outlines the root causes of migration for Haitian migrants, describes the treacherous journey that Haitian and other Black migrants take through the Americas to get to the United States, and highlights the anti-Black racism, gender-based discrimination, and xenophobia that they experience along their journey through the Americas and in Mexico.