Rebuilding our asylum system, fighting for safety and justice

After four years of relentless attacks on people seeking refuge, the Center for Gender & Refugee Studies (CGRS) is ready to work with the Biden administration to rebuild our asylum system and expand the United States’ promise of protection for those escaping persecution.

Our Mission

The Center for Gender & Refugee Studies defends the human rights of courageous refugees seeking asylum in the United States. With strategic focus and unparalleled legal expertise, CGRS champions the most challenging cases, fights for due process, and promotes policies that deliver safety and justice for refugees.

Defending Asylum Seekers in the Courts

CGRS undertakes strategic litigation to advance sound asylum laws and protect due process rights. Our current docket includes federal lawsuits challenging anti-asylum border policies and high-impact appellate cases that present opportunities to restore paths to protection.

Matter of A-B-
We’re calling on Attorney General Merrick Garland to vacate Matter of A-B- and other Trump-era rulings that have undermined access to asylum for women and families escaping persecution.
Rodriguez Tornes v. Garland
We contributed to a major Ninth Circuit victory for refugee survivors in Rodriguez Tornes v. Garland.
Pangea II v. DHS
We blocked a sweeping Trump rule that would have created nearly insurmountable barriers to asylum.
P.J.E.S. v. Mayorkas
We won an injunction against rapid “Title 42” expulsions of refugee children.
Technical Assistance Center

CGRS provides free expert consultation, litigation resources, and training to attorneys and advocates working with asylum seekers.

Access assistance
Access litigation resources - practice advisories, country conditions evidence, sample briefs, and more - to support your case.
Find an expert witness
Search our database of qualified country specialists and health professionals who provide expert testimony in asylum cases.
Report a case outcome
Report the outcome of your case to help CGRS monitor decision-making trends and expand our resource library.
Advocating for Just Policies

We advocate for the fair and dignified treatment of asylum seekers and promote policies that honor our country’s legal obligations to refugees. We call on the Biden administration to act swiftly to restore access to life-saving protection.

The Dangers of Rushed Asylum Processing
Expedited asylum processing at the border sacrifices protection in the name of speed. Our factsheet illuminates the flaws of such an approach and recommends fair and humane alternatives.
Expanding Access to Refugee Protections in Central America and Mexico
CGRS and our partners recommend steps for the Biden administration to increase access to protections in the Americas, allowing some refugees and migrants to seek safety closer to home.
Restoring asylum for survivors
CGRS Director Karen Musalo and Steve Legomsky, former Chief Counsel at USCIS, urge Attorney General Garland to vacate Trump rulings that have gutted asylum protections.
CGRS and Partners Launch National #WelcomeWithDignity Campaign to Transform Asylum

CGRS has joined over 60 national and regional immigrant and refugee rights organizations, community organizers, faith communities, and other advocates in launching a landmark campaign to transform how the United States welcomes people seeking asylum. Join our movement and take the #WelcomeWithDignity pledge!

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