A comprehensive regional study released by CGRS concludes that conditions, laws, policies, and practices throughout the Northern Central America-Mexico-United States corridor systematically violate the human rights of migrant children and children whose parents are migrants.

The letter, signed by over 50 refugee and asylum organizations and law professors, urges the administration to adopt policies that guarantee access to the asylum process for women and children fleeing persecution in their home countries. The letter calls on the administration to end detention of families, safeguard due process policies that allow those eligible for asylum to seek relief, and roll back the use of expedited removal in border areas. It also urges an end to impossibly high bonds for detained immigrant families, and increased funding for legal counsel and training.

Karen Musalo, CGRS Director, reflects on the different treatments of asylum claims based on FGC from domestic violence in US law, and the intersection of these issues with the controversy between universality of human rights and cultural relativism. Read the full book chapter here!