In an article published by the Harvard International Review, Karen Musalo discusses the evolving standards in gender-based asylum law and examines the origins of the "modern refugee protection regime" to explain why the issue of refugee protection for women suffering gendered persecution has been so controversial.


CGRS is pleased to announce the publication of updated practice advisories for domestic violence and children’s asylum claims.

Updated following the Board of Immigration Appeals’ August 26, 2014 decision in Matter of A-R-C-G, the practice advisory on domestic violence asylum claims contains new information on claims involving forced relationships that are increasingly seen from countries such as Mexico and the Northern Triangle (El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras).

A comprehensive regional study, Childhood and Migration in Central and North America: Causes, Policies, Practices and Challenges (Childhood, Migration, and Human Rightsreleased by CGRS concludes that conditions, laws, policies, and practices throughout the Northern Central America-Mexico-United States corridor systematically violate the human rights of migrant children and children whose parents are migrants.