Bennett, Michael H.

Case #22440

The immigration judge granted asylum to two men, a couple, from India. They hid their sexual orientation and their relationship, but once their landlord found out, the police showed up with one of their fathers and beat them. Then they fled the country. The immigation judge granted asylum based on membership in the group "gay men in India."

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Case #10693

A Portland Immigration Judge granted asylum to an unmarried man from Morocco who was persecuted for having a relationship with an unmarried woman. The man was persecuted by the woman's family.  

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Case #3306

A Portland IJ granted asylum and withholding on May 25, 2005. The applicant was a 19-year old native and citizen of Guatemala. His father, an alcoholic, hit him frequently. The abuse escalated as he grew older. He was forced to quit school and work to earn money for the house, which often meant he had to live on the street for several days at a time. He was accosted by gangsters and when he refused to join their gangs, he was tortured by slow and painful cutting of his foot, in addition to sexual abuse and humiliation. He did not ask for help because of his embarrassment.

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Case #2994

IJ granted asylum on December 2007. Following the BIA's decisions in In re A-T- and In re A-K-, an Immigration Judge grants asylum to a woman based on past female genital cutting (FGC), as well as her fear that either her U.S. citizen daughter would be subjected to FGC if the family were forced to return to Ethiopia, or that she (and her family) would face ostracism rising to the level of persecution for rejecting the genital cutting of her daughter.

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Case #293

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The applicant is the third child born to her family, in violation of China's one-child policy. She is not officially registered and was therefore forced out of school and cannot work for the government or inherit any of her family's land.

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