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Asylum Seeker's Nationality Type of persecution Most Recent Outcome/Decision (if any)sort ascending Summary
Case #10761 El Salvador Domestic violence (including child, partner, in-law violence), Gang-related violence

A Texas Asylum Office granted asylum to a Salvadoran minor. The girl was raped and impregnated by a MS gang member when she was 15 years old. The rapist was later imprisoned for another offense. From jail, the girl's rapist called to threaten her, demanded that she had to give him the child, and told her to pay him conjugal visits. 

Case #82 El Salvador Domestic violence - Child abuse, Rape or sexual violence (non-domestic and non-gang))

The applicant was born after her mother had an affair with her father, who was already married and had several grown children. Her mother died when she was a child, and she was raised by her "aunt", whom she later learned was her half-sister (her father's legitimate daughter). Her aunt's family is wealthy and powerful with many political and business ties. Her aunt's husband was an officer in... Read more

Case #6903 Mali Domestic violence - Child abuse, Female Genital Cutting - Fears FGC to a child, Child/forced marriage

An Immigration Judge granted asylum to a Malian woman who suffered child abuse by her father. She came to the United States to study and got pregnant while she was here. Her father was enraged and demanded her to return to Mali. He threatened that he would force her into an arranged marriage and circumcise her daughter. One year bar was waived.

Case #25669 Colombia LGBTQI, Gender identity, Gender identity - Transgender female (MTF), Political association/activist (including women’s rights activist)/whistleblower, Political association/activist

The asylum office granted asylum to a Colombian transgender woman who experienced persecution due to her gender identity. She was beat, raped, and fired from public office because she is transgender.

Case #423 Ghana Female Genital Cutting - Fears Future FGC to self, Child/forced marriage, Polygamy, Religious

The applicant is a practicing Christian who lived in the Ashanti Region of Ghana with her father. In early 1999, her father arranged for her to marry a forty-five year old Muslim man who already had two wives. He also informed her that she would have to undergo genital mutilation before the wedding. The applicant was very afraid of the procedure, and of the adverse health consequences it could... Read more

Case #11330 Guatemala Race/ethnicity/clan, Gang-related violence, Rape or sexual violence (non-domestic and non-gang))

A San Francisco Immigration Judge granted asylum to a Guatemalan woman and her family. The family suffered a violent attack and death threats by drug traffickers. The drug traffickers had tricked the woman's husband into moving into an ocean property used for drug trafficking under the pretense of needing help to maintain the property. When the family tried to leave, the husband was... Read more

Case #23765 Honduras Gang-related violence, Gang - Extortion, Gang - Family-based, Political association/activist (including women’s rights activist)/whistleblower, Whistleblower or other informant / witness to corruption

The immigration judge denied asylum, withholding, and CAT protection to a Honduran woman who fled gang threats. A gang had killed her brother after he refused to pay a “tax.” The gang then started threatening the applicant and her sister. The applicant proposed a social group of “family members of [her brother who was killed].” According to the applicant’s attorney, the IJ determined that... Read more

Case #12510 Honduras Domestic violence - Child abuse, Gang-related violence
Case #5651 Mexico Domestic violence (including child, partner, in-law violence)

The San Francisco Asylum Office granted asylum to a Mexican woman whose husband was abusive and was sexually preying on their oldest daughter.

Case #10633 El Salvador Domestic violence (including child, partner, in-law violence)

A San Antonio Immigration Judge granted asylum to a Salvadoran woman who suffered domestic violence by her ex-domestic partner.