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Thank you for visiting the Center for Gender & Refugee Studies unique asylum case database. We invite you to use the search functions below to view information regarding asylum case outcomes available in our database. Please fill out a request for assistance form if you would like any additional information or contact us with any questions.


Asylum Seeker's Nationality Type of persecution Most Recent Outcome/Decision (if any)sort descending
Case #12557 Honduras Domestic violence - Child abuse, Gang-related violence
Case #9943 Pakistan Child/forced marriage, Honor killing or violence, Sexual orientation
Case #26642 Mexico Gang-related violence, Gang - Extortion
Case #4897 Congo, Democratic Republic Rape or sexual violence (non-domestic and non-gang))
Case #20655 Guatemala Domestic violence - Child abuse
Case #11375 Mexico Domestic violence (including child, partner, in-law violence)
Case #69 Bangladesh Rape or sexual violence (non-domestic and non-gang)), Religious
Case #23860 Venezuela Political association/activist (including women’s rights activist)/whistleblower, Political association/activist
Case #6620 Mexico Domestic violence - Child abuse, Disability, Domestic violence (including child, partner, in-law violence)
Case #15871 Honduras Disability, Gang-related violence, Gang - Informant/witness to gang activity