Technical Assistance Materials

How do the filters in the TA Library work?

The checkboxes in the left-hand sidebar of the TA Library enable users to filter and quickly find applicable resources. The filters are used to narrow the documents in your tailored resource library using “AND”, not “OR” logic. For example, if you would like to see country conditions research relating to your client’s country of origin AND  a certain type of persecution, select the checkboxes for the country of origin, type of persecution, and “Country Conditions” in the Type of Document category. Once you click “Apply Filters”, the library will display all relevant results.

If you apply several filters and no results are returned, try applying fewer filters or no filters at all. If you are still not finding what you are looking for, then we may not have materials matching your search available at current. Please report any issues you encounter with the TA Library filters by filling out this feedback form.

Please be advised, the “Country of Origin” filter will only return expert declarations and country conditions resources if selected. Other materials, such as practice advisories, sample briefs, unpublished decisions, or filings, cannot be filtered by country.

Note that the “Procedural Stage” filters currently display briefs, decisions, and other litigation support materials related to proceedings at the Asylum Office, immigration court, Board of Immigration Appeals, and federal courts. This filter is helpful to search for general guidance related to asylum cases in these procedural stages. However, additional resources may be applicable to your case. If you are applying procedural stage filters but there are limited or no results, please remove some filters and try your search again.

I do not see country conditions for my client’s country of origin in the TA Library. Are there more on file?

Due to the wide variation of cases for which we provide assistance, we are not able to provide country conditions resources for every country or type of fear-of-return claim. Around 75% of TA requests we receive are for applicants from Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras. Additionally, through our fact-finding projects and collaborations, our expertise is most focused on this region. While we endeavor to develop materials for other countries and types of claims, we are limited by staff capacity, constantly changing country conditions, and the complexity and variation between cases.

If resources related to your applicant’s specific country or claim are not included in the TA Library, we do not have additional materials on file at that time. Additionally, some of the materials may be more outdated. We endeavor to update and add additional resources to the TA Library as we develop or receive them. Your tailored TA Library will automatically be updated with resources relevant to your case so be sure to check the library for new materials.

Can I narrow the date range of country conditions or other materials?

No, the TA Library currently does not allow you to filter by date range. Resources are displayed in reverse chronological order by date of publication or most recent update.

Why are there sample briefs and decisions for countries other than my client’s country of origin in the tailored TA Library?

CGRS endeavors to provide sample redacted briefs and decisions on claims relevant to your client's case. We share materials in similar types of claims, even if they are for cases different than your client's country of origin because the legal arguments presented may still be applicable. 

Why are sample briefs and decisions from my client’s country of origin not showing up in the library when I select the country of origin filter?

The country of origin filter only displays country conditions reports and expert declarations relevant to your client’s country of origin. To view sample briefs and/or decisions, de-select the country of origin filter, and select the sample briefs and/or decisions checkboxes in the Type of Document filter category. These filters will show briefs and/or decisions from all countries.

How do I ensure I get the most relevant resources in the TA Library?

It is imperative to provide as much information as possible in the case intake form, as the tailored TA Library is generated from the information inputted for a particular case. If you forgot to check something off on the case intake form, please email us at with the CGRS case number and what you would like to change so that we can update your CGRS case record. Once the case record is updated, relevant resources will automatically appear in that case’s customized library. 

Can I submit CGRS materials in a filing for a case?

You are authorized to submit certain CGRS materials, such as universal declarations, only in cases for which you have requested technical assistance and have a CGRS case number. Do not submit country conditions toolkits or practice advisories, as they are provided as background information and guidance for practitioners and are not meant to be submitted as evidence or argument. 

Can I share CGRS materials with other attorneys or students working on a different case?

Please do not share CGRS materials with others who have not filled out a case intake unless you have received explicit permission from CGRS. We request that a separate CGRS form be submitted for each individual case for internal tracking purposes and so that we can provide relevant updates. To inquire about permission to share materials, please email us at However, you may share CGRS materials with others (e.g. co-counsel, supervising attorney, paralegal) working on the same case for which you requested assistance. 

Can I access CGRS’s asylum case database for research purposes?

Unfortunately, we are not able to grant access to our database for research purposes. Please email us at regarding your research, and we will determine if we have relevant, non-confidential materials to support your research.

How do I edit information in a case record after submitting?

After submission, you cannot edit information in a case record. Please contact us at with the CGRS case number in the subject line and provide details of the information you would like to change. CGRS can edit the case record accordingly.

How do I report technical issues or provide feedback on CGRS’s new TA Library?

Please fill out this form to report issues and provide feedback.