Case Outcomes

Why does CGRS track case outcomes?

Tracking of case outcomes is an important component of CGRS’s technical assistance program. CGRS maintains a database of over 40,000 asylum cases and collects case information including the facts, arguments made, identity of the adjudicator, outcome, and the rationale for the decision. This enables us to assist other attorneys with similar claims by providing information on how particular adjudicators have ruled and what evidence was persuasive. The information is also critical to informing our research, resource development, impact litigation, training, and policy advocacy efforts. Additionally, attorneys who reported outcomes provided and gave permission to share many of the sample briefs and decisions disseminated through our TA program. 

How do I report an outcome in a case previously registered with CGRS?

To report an outcome in your asylum case, log into your CGRS account and go to the My Account page. On this page, you will see a list of all of your cases registered with CGRS. On the right side of each case, you will see a link to “Add an Outcome”. Click this link to add an outcome for that case. If your case has multiple outcomes, you can click on the link to “Add Another Outcome”.  

Can I search CGRS’s database for case outcomes?

No, CGRS no longer maintains a publicly accessible outcomes database. For confidentiality reasons, we do not grant access to the CGRS database. CGRS staff review and analyze case outcomes and share any relevant, non-confidential information to advocates through our trainings and practice advisories.