Accessing Technical Assistance

How do I access technical assistance materials?

Please fill out a case intake form here. First-time registrants must create an account; save your credentials for future requests. Once you have filled out the form, you will be redirected to the TA Library, which contains litigation support materials tailored to your case. If you have already received a CGRS case number in a particular case, do not submit a subsequent case intake form. Instead, go to the My Account page and click “View TA Library for this Case.” For more information, please refer to the “How to Access the TA Library for Previously-Registered Asylum Case” section of the TA Library Instructions.

Can I include information for multiple clients in one request for assistance?

If you are representing more than one client as principal applicants on separate I-589s, please submit individual requests for each applicant. Maintaining separate records allows us to track each case as it progresses, accurately monitor decision trends, and provide the most relevant resources.

If I submitted a case prior to the TA Library transition, how do I access materials for that case?

If you are looking for materials for a case that already has a CGRS case number, please do not submit an additional case intake through our online portal. You can access updated assistance materials on-demand at any time in our TA Library. To access the TA Library for a previously-submitted case, click “View TA Library for this Case” on your My Account page. More in-depth instructions for using the TA Library can be found here.

How can I request additional assistance for a case for which I already have a CGRS case number?

If you would like to request additional assistance beyond the resources provided in the TA Library, please email us at with your CGRS case number in the subject line, noting any urgent upcoming deadlines. Please note we are not able to accommodate all requests for further assistance; refer to the Technical Assistance Overview section of this FAQ for more information.

Is it possible to transfer CGRS cases to a different account?

If a case is being transferred to a different attorney than the one who submitted the original assistance request, please email us at with the CGRS case number in the subject line. We will need the email address connected to the CGRS account of the attorney to which the case is being transferred.