Technical Assistance

CGRS helps attorneys in California and around the country win cases for women, children, LGBT, and other asylum seekers by sharing our expertise and litigation support materials. We provide free one-on-one expert consultation as well as produce individualized country conditions reports, draft practice advisories on complex legal challenges that arise in asylum representation, develop expert declarations with respected professionals who can document patterns of human rights violations in specific countries and for specific populations. Through our tracking of cases and decision analysis, we are also able to provide attorneys with sample briefs and unpublished immigration judge and Board of Immigration Appeals decisions in cases similar to theirs - materials available nowhere else. 

Examples of Country Conditions Reports

  • Gender-based violence in Honduras
  • The treatment of LGBT individuals in Russia
  • Child abuse in Ecuador
  • Violence against women in Egypt

Recent Expert Declarations

  • Aracely Bautista Bayona on gender-based violence in El Salvador
  • Elisa Portillo Nájera on gender-based violence in Guatemala
  • Nancy Lemon on the connections between alcohol, domestic violence, and child abuse
  • Judith Herman on the causes of incest, as relevant to claims based on the particular social group ground

CGRS Practice Advisories

  • Children's Asylum Cases

  • Domestic Violence Asylum Cases

  • Female Genital Cutting Asylum Cases

Request Consultation or Materials

The litigation support materials we offer online are just a small sampling of what we have available - we invite you to search our asylum case records and contact us by filling out this request assistance form so that we can provide tailored materials and legal consultation suited to your case.


CGRS is always looking for volunteers to help keep our country conditions research up to date. If you are interested in volunteering, learn more here.