Policy Analysis and Recommendations

Our Policy & Advocacy team serves as a critical resource to policymakers, journalists, and the public on asylum. We provide rapid analysis of policy developments and offer practical recommendations for decision-makers at all levels of government, advising our leaders on how to ensure the United States lives up to its legal and moral commitments to people fleeing persecution.

Selected Resources

Asylum Priorities for the Next Administration, CGRS (2020).

Factsheet: The COVID-19 Pandemic and Title 42 Expulsions, CGRS (Dec. 2020).

Factsheet: Southern Border Policies Harming Asylum Seekers, CGRS (Dec. 2020).

Matter of A-B-: Slamming the Door on Domestic Violence Survivors, CGRS (Jul. 2020).

Matter of A-B- One Year Later: Winning Back Gender-Based Asylum Through Litigation and Legislation, 18 Santa Clara J. Int'l L. 48 (Jan. 2020), Kate Jastram and Sayoni Maitra.

Forced Return to Danger: Civil Society Concerns with the Agreements Signed between the United States and Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador, AFL-CIO, Alianza Americas, CGRS, Kids in Need of Defense, Latin America Working Group, Washington Office on Latin America, Women’s Refugee Commission (Dec. 2019).