Policy Analysis and Recommendations

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Our Policy & Advocacy team serves as a critical resource to policymakers, journalists, and the public on asylum. We provide rapid analysis of policy developments and offer practical recommendations for decision-makers at all levels of government, advising our leaders on how to ensure the United States lives up to its legal and moral commitments to people fleeing persecution.

Selected Resources

Protection Delayed is Protection Denied: Factsheet on Title 42 Expulsions, Haitian Asylum Seekers in Tijuana, and the U.S. Government’s Ongoing Evasion of Duty, a factsheet published by CGRS, Haitian Bridge Alliance, and the Hastings to Haiti Partnership (April 2022). Also available in French

Examining the Court-Ordered Reimplementation of the Remain in Mexico Policy, Statement for the Record submitted by CGRS to the House Homeland Security Subcommittee on Border Security, Facilitation, & Operations (March 2022).

Deadly Inertia: Needless Delay of “Particular Social Group” Regulations Puts Asylum Seekers at Risk, a CGRS reference guide (February 2022).

Joint Letter in Response to the Expulsion of Venezuelan Asylum Seekers to Colombia, a letter signed by CGRS and 105 organizations (February 2022).

Seeking Asylum in the First Year of the Biden Administration: Cruelty and Chaos Persist, a factsheet published by CGRS (January 2022).

CGRS Comment in Response to DHS Request for Input: Identifying Recommendations to Support the Work of the Interagency Task Force on the Reunification of Families, submitted by CGRS (January 2022).

For the Rule of Law, An Independent Immigration Court, Statement for the Record submitted by CGRS to the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration and Citizenship (January 2022).

Joint Letter in Response to RMX 2.0 and Title 42 Continuation, a letter signed by CGRS and 242 organizations (December 2021).

Continuing Trump’s pretext to block asylum claims, Biden defies the law and good politics, Karen Musalo, Los Angeles Times (November 2021).

Joint Letter to Presidents Biden and Lopez Obrador, and Prime Minister Trudeau, urging them to center human rights and humanitarian protections in their regional migration discussions, a letter signed by CGRS and 71 organizations (November 2021).

Haitian migrants at the border: An asylum law scholar explains how US skirts its legal and moral duties, Karen Musalo, The Conversation (September 2021).

“Your Administration Stands at a Precipice,” a letter to President Biden signed by CGRS Director Karen Musalo and 38 human and civil rights leaders (September 2021).

Why is the Biden administration turning its back on asylum seekers?, Coleen Kivlahan and Kate Jastram, The Hill (September 2021).

Urgent Actions the Biden Administration Must Take Following Supreme Court Decision on MPP, a letter signed by CGRS and 108 organizations (August 2021).

Halting Deportation Flights to Haiti, a letter signed by CGRS and 344 organizations (August 2021).

"End this Travesty": Organizations Tell President Biden to Stop Undermining Refugee Protections, a letter signed by CGRS and 169 organizations (August 2021).

Title 42 Must End for All, a letter to President Biden signed by CGRS and 105 organizations (June 2021).

Asylum and the Three Little Words that Can Spell Life or Death, Stephen Legomsky and Karen Musalo, Just Security (May 2021).

Expanding Access to Protections for Refugees and Migrants in Central America and Mexico, recommendations by CGRS, Centro de los Derechos del Migrante, Church World Service, IMUMI, Kids in Need of Defense, Latin America Working Group, WOLA, Women's Refugee Commission (May 2021).  

The Justice Department Must Review EOIR Personnel and Install New Leadershipa letter to Attorney General Garland signed by CGRS and over 65 organizations (May 2021).

Recommendations for Wind Down of the Migrant Protection Protocols, a letter to Secretary of State Blinken, Attorney General Garland, and Secretary of Homeland Security Mayorkas signed by CGRS and over 50 organizations (May 2021).

One Quick Asylum Fix: How Garland Can Help Domestic Violence Survivors, Stephen Legomsky and Karen Musalo, The Hill (May 2021).

Do Expedited Asylum Screenings and Adjudications at the Border Work?, CGRS, Center for Victims of Torture, Human Rights First, Network Lobby for Catholic Social Justice, and Women's Refugee Commission (May 2021). 

Swift Action to Improve Fairness and Enable Timely Asylum Hearings in Immigration Courts, CGRS and Human Rights First (April 2021).

Reforms to the Asylum System, a letter to Attorney General Garland and Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas signed by CGRS and over 100 organizations and law professors (April 2021). 

Call for vacatur of Matter of A-B- (I and II), Matter of A-C-A-A-, and Matter of L-E-A- (I and II), a letter to Attorney General Garland sent by CGRS, CLINIC, and Pangea Legal Services (April 2021).

The Wrong Answer to the Right Question: How to Address the Failure of Protection for Gender-Based Claims?, Karen Musalo, ImmigrationProf Blog (March 2021).

Asylum Priorities for the Next Administration, CGRS (2020).

Matter of A-B- One Year Later: Winning Back Gender-Based Asylum Through Litigation and Legislation, 18 Santa Clara J. Int'l L. 48 (Jan. 2020), Kate Jastram and Sayoni Maitra.


Análisis de políticas públicas y recomendaciones

Nuestro equipo de Políticas Públicas e Incidencia es un recurso fundamental en temas de asilo para quienes formulan políticas públicas, periodistas, y el público en general. Analizamos cambios y desarrollos en políticas públicas oportunamente y ofrecemos recomendaciones prácticas para los encargados de tomar decisiones en todos los niveles de gobierno, asesorando a nuestros líderes sobre cómo garantizar que Estados Unidos cumpla sus compromisos legales y morales con las personas que huyen de la persecución. Esta página contiene recursos selectos en inglés con análisis y recomendaciones.