Spring 2020: CGRS Newsletter

Challenging Draconian Border Policies

The Trump Administration has waged an all-out assault on the right to seek asylum, taking drastic steps to block asylum seekers from even applying for protection in the United States. Through policies like the Migrant Protection Protocols, the third country transit ban, and asylum cooperative agreements, the government has almost completely shut down access to protection at the U.S. border. CGRS is stepping up to challenge these cruel and illegal policies in court. READ MORE

Calling on Congress to Restore Asylum

While we fight for justice in the courts, CGRS is also active on Capitol Hill, working to educate Congressional allies on how to reverse the Administration’s illegal actions. While most legislation will not pass as long as control of Congress is divided, it is important to lay the groundwork for the future and to imagine a positive vision of the United States as a country that welcomes refugees and asylum seekers and upholds its international commitments. The key piece of legislation advancing this vision is the Refugee Protection Act of 2019, led by Senator Patrick Leahy of Vermont and Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren of California. READ MORE

Growing Our Team of Dedicated Advocates

CGRS has risen to the unprecedented challenges of the past few years by dramatically scaling up our programs and expanding our team of dedicated advocates – our staff has more than doubled since the president took office in 2017. CLICK HERE to learn more about our growing team!

Join CGRS for a Webinar on the Third Country Transit Ban

On March 30, CGRS will be presenting a webinar providing a brief overview of the “war on asylum” at the U.S.-Mexico border, followed by a detailed discussion of the third country transit ban, the regulatory bar to asylum for individuals who pass through a third country before reaching the United States.

CGRS Staff Attorney Annie Daher and Manager of Regional Initiatives Felipe Navarro Lux will provide a substantive explanation of the transit ban and how it applies at different stages of adjudication. Annie and Felipe will then summarize legal challenges that have been raised against the validity and application of the transit ban and highlight practical considerations for advocates representing clients subject to it. 

Date: March 30, 2020
Time: 11:00 am-12:00 pm PST
Register online here!

New Resources from CGRS

CGRS is excited to announce the release of three universal declarations to support fear-of-return claims based on gang violence in El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras. These declarations may be submitted as evidence in individual asylum cases that have been registered on CGRS's website.

If you would like to access these declarations to support a client’s asylum case, simply submit a technical assistance request using our online portal. If you have already submitted a request for your case, please email us with your case number at CGRS-TA@uchastings.edu.

Updated March 2020.