Chicago Immigration Court

Case #25055

The immigration judge granted asylum to a Guatemalan woman who experienced abuse and rape by her ex-boyfriend, who allegedly was involved in illegal activity, and beaten by his friends, who may have been affiliated with local police. She reported the crimes to the police to no avail. According to the applicant’s attorney, the IJ found that the proposed social groups of “Guatemalan women unable to leave abusive relationships” and “Guatemalan women viewed by their partners as property” were cognizable, the applicant’s rape amounted to past persecution, and the expert and country reports corroborated how authorities were unable and unwilling to protect her.

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Case #24280

The IJ granted asylum to a Mexican woman who survived domestic violence on the hands of her husband. While still in Mexico, her partner stalked and severely beat her during the relationship and after it ended. He would also physically abuse their three children. Even tough she sought protection from the police, she did not receive assistance. According to the applicant’s attorney, the IJ granted based on the PSG “Mexican domestic partners unable to leave abusive relationships.”

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