Outcome for Case #25853

Date of Decision: 
Thursday, February 14, 2019
Immigration Judge
IJ Outcome: 
Granted any relief
Type of Relief Granted (check all that apply): 
Asylum granted
Basis for the Asylum/Withholding Decision: 
If yes to any of the above, please describe: [Visible to CGRS only]: 
No DHS challenge. DHS said accepted the dec as is. No cross needed.
Did the IJ accept your expert’s qualifications? [Visible to CGRS only]: 
Did the IJ give your expert’s testimony full weight? [Visible to CGRS only]: 
Please share any other information about your experience with this expert. [Visible to CGRS only]: 
The IJ decision was oral, and pretty brief. Right before giving his decision I cited to the expert declaration a number of times regarding the issues of race-based discrimination (this was the second ground we were entertaining) as well as the fact the threat to my client's life would not dissipate over time. The IJ did not explicitly cite the expert dec but I believe my ability to cite to it had a positive effect on the decision.