Outcome for Case #23023

Date of Decision: 
Friday, February 15, 2019
Immigration Judge
IJ Outcome: 
Granted any relief
Type of Relief Granted (check all that apply): 
CAT granted
Expert's name, if not found above: [Visible to CGRS only]: 
Allan Burns
Did DHS challenge your expert as to any of the following: [Visible to CGRS only]: 
Weight of testimony (if not subject to cross examination)
If yes to any of the above, please describe: [Visible to CGRS only]: 
Full weight
Did the IJ accept your expert’s qualifications? [Visible to CGRS only]: 
Did the IJ give your expert’s testimony full weight? [Visible to CGRS only]: 
Please provide additional information, if necessary: [Visible to CGRS only]: 
N/A not called to testify as report was uncontested.
Did the IJ, BIA, or court mention your expert or their testimony in their decision? [Visible to CGRS only]: