Resource Development

CGRS-California, through our technical assistance program, disseminates valuable litigation resource materials such as practice advisories and more in-depth manuals focused on complex substantive and procedural legal challenges arising in asylum cases, Convention Against Torture cases, and other related claims. We also access CGRS’s extensive bank of country conditions evidence, including research memoranda, covering topics from over 120 different countries, developed and continually updated by a team of volunteer legal professionals and students, as well as declarations from leading experts who can document patterns of human rights violations in specific countries and for specific populations. Because pro bono attorneys and nonprofit legal services organizations often do not have the resources or time to identify and hire expert witnesses for their individual asylum cases, the declarations we develop closely with issue- and country-specific experts are frequently requested through our technical assistance program for submission to the Asylum Office or Immigration Court in support of a client’s claim for protection. As a part of our work in support of asylum seekers in California, CGRS-California adds to this bank of resources when California-based advocates identify specific needs related to representation of their indigent clients.

CGRS-California also produces and disseminates a pro se manual (originally drafted by CGRS and which currently exists in English, Spanish, and Haitian Creole) to asylum applicants representing themselves in California, including those in federal detention.