Case #421

Country of Origin: 
El Salvador
Type of persecution: 
Political association/activist (including women’s rights activist)/whistleblower
Rape or sexual violence (non-domestic and non-gang))
Gender of applicant: 

Case Summary

The applicant is from a rural and remote part of El Salvador. She lived there with her mother, her father, and three brothers until 1990. One night in 1989 or 1990, ten armed members of the FMLN rebel group entered her house. The guerrillas ordered her father to pack some clothes and to go with them. The guerrillas threatened to return to get others who would be useful to them. Within a week the guerrillas came again in the middle of the night. They announced that they were taking the applicant�s brothers, and that they would kill them if they did not cooperate. They also threatened to kill the applicant and her mother if they did not comply with the guerrillas� demands in the future. Soon after, armed guerrillas returned and demanded that the applicant and her mother accompany them to wash their clothes. The guerrillas led them through the woods to an abandoned building where there were about 25 to 30 guerrillas. They ordered the women to wash clothes for two or three hours and then they sent the women home. On two other occasions the guerrillas returned and forced the women to cook and clean for them. Each time the guerrillas threatened to kill the applicant and her mother if they told anyone about the guerrillas� activities. When the applicant�s mother asked about the whereabouts of her husband and three sons, the guerrillas told her that they did not know anything about them. Not long after the last incident with the guerrillas, Salvadoran military soldiers came to the applicant�s house. The soldiers demanded to know the whereabouts of her father and three brothers. When her mother insisted that she did not know, the soldiers told them that they would be back in two days and that they would kill them if they did not tell them where they were. Two days later the soldiers returned. The soldiers again demanded information about the applicant�s father and three brothers. The soldiers accused them of having joined the guerrillas. They dragged the applicant�s mother out of the house. Five soldiers remained inside, and continued interrogating the applicant about her father and brothers. The soldiers then beat and raped her repeatedly. They accused her of being a guerrilla supporter and told her that they were punishing her for not telling them the whereabouts of her father and brothers. About two weeks later, the applicant received a note from her father warning that she and her mother were in danger and that they should leave immediately. The next day, they packed up a few things and fled to Guatemala, Mexico, and ultimately the United States. During the journey from Mexico to the US, Applicant and her mother became separated, and she has not seen her mother since.

Date Submitted

Thursday, June 8, 2000 - 00:00

Outcome for Case #421

Immigration Judge
Date of Decision: 
Friday, July 28, 2000
IJ Outcome: 
Type of Relief Granted/Denied: