Case #27282

Country of Origin: 
El Salvador
Type of persecution: 
Gang-related violence
Gang - Family-based
Military/Police service
Police officer or former police officer (applicant identity)
Gender of applicant: 

Case Summary

The applicants' attorney reports that the immigration judge granted asylum on the basis of the applicants' membership in a particular social group. According to the applicants' attorney, in this consolidated case, the applicants, husband and wife, were both police officers, and they received death threats from MS-13 and B-18 for anti-gang work as well as involvement in community organizations that encourage children not to join the gangs. The husband reported threats to the district attorney, but the police provided inadequate protection. The applicants understood that they have been targeted by MS-13 for assassination.

Date Submitted

Tuesday, August 28, 2018 - 15:33