Case #253

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The applicant and her family are closely involved with the Umma Party, one of the largest political parties in Sudan. After the 1989 military coup, the government banned all political parties, including the Umma party. Since the coup, her father has been taken from their home and interrogated about his political activities on numerous occasions. The applicant continued her political activities with the Umma party regardless of the ban. She organized and participated in protests against the government. At two demonstrations, the police threw tear gas at the protestors and the applicant was arrested and interrogated about her political activities. After a third demonstration, she was arrested, beaten with a leather strap while detained, and threatened. The applicant spent the next two years working as a teacher's assistant at a university. One day, two security agents stopped her and three friends who were not wearing the appropriate Islamic dress and started yelling at the applicant for leading women away from Islam. They beat them in front of a crowd. She was then taken to a house, held for five days, and interrogated about her involvement in the Umma party. After she was released, she began working as a director of a private school and organized Umma meetings for women. Again, she was taken to a house and detained for five days. She was interrogated about her political activities and not fed. After she was released, she resumed her job at the school. Security agents continuousy harassed her about her dress and about the curriculum. When she told the agents that the school was private and that she did not need to adhere to the government's curriculum, they arrested, lashed and threatened her. The applicant resigned and began working for another school. However, the security agents continued to harass her about her political activities. She was arrested and detained for three days. After this last incident, the applicant fled Sudan.

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Tuesday, November 2, 1999 - 00:00

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Immigration Judge
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Thursday, December 2, 1999
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