Case #22138

Country of Origin: 
Type of persecution: 
Domestic violence (including child, partner, in-law violence)
Domestic violence - Child abuse
Domestic violence - In-law abuse
Domestic violence - Partner abuse
Gender of applicant: 

Case Summary

The asylum office granted asylum to a Venezuelan female applicant who experienced verbal, psychological, and physical abuse; and was repeatedly raped by a man with whom she had a child with. The applicant attempted to leave, but came back because she had nowhere to live and no money. The applicant called the police multiple times and filed reports twice, but her order of protection was not enforced. The applicant's attorney proposed the particular social group of "Venezuelan women in domestic relationships who are unable to leave their relationship or perceived to be unable to leave." The applicant also put forth a humanitarian asylum claim.

Date Submitted

Friday, December 1, 2017 - 09:20