CGRS Develops New Resources for Haitian Women’s Asylum Cases

November 7, 2017 - CGRS is excited to announce the release of our newest litigation resources, a declaration from Nicole Phillips, an expert on gender-based violence in Haiti, and a declaration from João H. Costa Vargas, an expert on violence against black women in Brazil. In their declarations the experts discuss the prevalence of violence against women and girls, including domestic violence, and the underlying social, economic, and cultural conditions. Further, they discuss the failures of the Haitian and Brazilian governments to protect women and girls from violence and discrimination. Many Haitian women asylum seekers in the U.S. immigration system resided in Brazil before fleeing to the United States. Dr. Costa Vargas’ testimony will help attorneys representing these women establish that their clients cannot be considered firmly resettled in Brazil, a determination that could otherwise preclude a grant of asylum protection.

If you are an attorney, legal professional, or law student representative and would like to request a copy of either declaration to aid you in your client’s asylum case, simply submit a CGRS technical assistance request online. If you have already submitted a request for your case, please email us with your CGRS case number at