A-B- Tracking

Help CGRS identify potential cases to use as a vehicle to challenge the former Attorney General’s A-B- decision and to keep the public informed about the devastating impact of the ruling.

Report case outcomes post-A-B- at all levels of adjudication, as well as any notable developments along the way such as challenges by DHS or IJ briefing orders, using CGRS’s online technical assistance and outcome reporting portal, or email us at CGRS-ABtracking@uchastings.edu.

We also invite attorneys to respond to the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA)’s Call for Examples of changed court practices relating to defensive asylum applications after Matter of A-B- and Matter of W-Y-C- and H-O-B-, as well as shifts in bond practices, that affect asylum seekers' rights in court. It is not necessary to be an AILA member to provide information on the Call for Examples survey form. AILA and CGRS are tracking different information, so it is helpful to both organizations if you can provide information to each of us.